Danity Kane Announce Release Date and Album Cover For Their Third Album!


Danity Kane fans rejoice!  Even though the quintet quartet trio duo have announced their official break up, they have decided to release what was to be their comeback album anyways.  Aubrey and Shannon took to Twitter/Instagram to announce the release of the album.  The album titled, “DK3″ will be released on October 28, 2014, and be available for pre-orders on iTunes tonight at midnight!

I’m so glad the girls decided to release the album!  I attended their concert as well as a listening party for the album back at the beginning of the summer and the album is absolutely incredible!  Also, I’m constantly hoping Dawn and Aubrey can work out their issues and do this right!  They had plans to film three music videos and do massive promo before their fight.

Dawn Richard has yet to comment on this announcement.  She is included on the album cover, and her voice appears on all of the songs as far as we know.  She has been radio silent on social media since the incident that broke the group up.

Still excited, but I hope they can move past their differences!

Are you excited for the album?  It will be available for pre-orders on iTunes/Amazon tonight at midnight!

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Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo Break Up!


Well this is some sad news.  Singers and super cute couple, Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo have broken up according to reports from E! Online.  They have reported the break up was mutual.  Sources say the couple still care deeply for each other and will continue to be in each others’ lives.  There has yet to be an official statement released from either of them.

If this is true, I’m really sad.  They were a couple I honestly thought were very happy and could start a life together.  Another Hollywood couple bites the dust.

What do you think about their break up?

5 Seconds Of Summer Announces Third Single From Their Debut Album!


Australian pop rock superstars 5 Seconds Of Summer have officially announced the third single off of their debut album.  The single to follow previous singles, “She Looks So Perfect” and “Amnesia,” is “Long Way Home.”  Singer Luke Hemmings had this to say about the new single, “This next song isn’t about taking the short way home.”  The group also posted the following pictures featuring lyrics from the song. (Click on the pictures to see the full size.)

I think this is a great choice to follow the success of, “Amnesia.”  “Long Way Home” has been one of my favorites from the album in recent weeks.  This should be another big success for the band!

You+Me – “Break The Cycle” (Review)

Singer P!nk and Dallas Green’s new band, You+Me, released the first single from their upcoming album, and it’s hauntingly beautiful.  Before this, I had no idea P!nk was making this album or who Dallas Green was, but they obviously creating some amazing music.  The lyrics paint a dark yet hopeful world, and the strings and guitars compliment it perfectly.  Lyrically, this is the best P!nk has ever been, and I am excited to hear more of these two in the future.  Hot Adult Contemporary radio is going to eat this up!

Watch their new music video below:


The Veronicas – “You Ruin Me” (Review)


Australian pop due/twins The Veronicas return with a surprising debut single.  Nowadays, most artists release an upbeat radio friendly song as the first single from their album to spurn radio play and general public consumption, but The Veronicas have done the opposite for their first single in nearly 8 years.  If you expected another dark anthem like Untouched you won’t be satisfied, but the girls are grown up now so you have to expect their sound to mature.

You Ruin Me is an Adele-type piano ballad with an anthem-like chorus that may shatter your heart and please your ears.  This is not The Veronicas of yesterday, but I would say this is much much better.  The chorus is catchy enough yet completely beautiful and meaningful.  We’ve always known the girls were great singers, but they kill it on this song.  The harmonies on the final chorus are out of this world beautiful!

Welcome back!

Listen to the song below: