“The Hills” Stars Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt Reunite!


Photo credit: Instagram

Former “The Hills” best friends Brody Jenner and Spencer Pratt seem to have buried the hatchet!  Spencer posted a photo on Instagram of him and his wife Heidi Montag having dinner with Brody, his mom Linda Thompson, and other friends.  This is the first time the two have been spotted together in years after a very public falling out over Brody’s friendship with fellow “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad.  According to US Weekly, the group was together to celebrate the release of Brody’s new podcast.  Spencer had this to say to US Weekly regarding the surprising reunion:

“Brody’s an incredible friend. We all got caught up playing our Hills characters for awhile, but now that we’re back to actual reality, it’s all good. We all went out to celebrate his new podcast. He’s great, we’re great.”

So glad everyone is getting along again! It is time to put petty drama behind and celebrate life with people who truly matter. Any hope for Lauren and Heidi? Ah, well you win some you lose some.

Also, it’s great to see Heidi rocking a more natural look because it really works for her!

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Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX Perform Their Smash Hit “Fancy” On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to perform their smash hit song, “Fancy.”  Both performers were great, and the stage was incredible!  I knew this song would be a huge hit from the first time I heard it and saw the music video.  Iggy is by far the biggest rising star in hip hop right now.

What did you guys think of the performance?

Khloe Kardashian Posts Cute Flashback Thursday Picture!


Khloe Kardashian posted a super cute flashback Friday picture of her, her sibling, and her father Robert Kardashian on a ski trip they took together each year for Thanksgiving.  Look how little Rob is with his slicked back hair!  It’s always so cool to see pictures of people before they were famous.  They look like so cute together all matching in their black clothes!  Also, Kourtney looks exactly the same as she does now!  She hasn’t aged at all!

Thanks for posting the picture Khloe!  You look so beautiful as always!

Lady Gaga Awarded First Female Digital Diamond Award!


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded Lady Gaga with the very first female Digital Diamond Award!  This is a huge accomplishment for the singer.  Her smash hit “Bad Romance” is responsible for the award; the song has achieved 10 million downloads and streams.  This is the first song to do so by a female artist.  The award was given to Lady Gaga at her recent concert in Washington D.C..  The RIAA had this to say at the presentation of the award:

“With this award, Lady Gaga joins a prestigious and exclusive list of Gold and Platinum luminaries. ‘Bad Romance’ is one of the most popular and iconic songs of the last decade. We are honored to present Lady Gaga with a Diamond Award in recognition of ‘Bad Romance’ surpassing the ten million mark, and to congratulate her as the first female artist in Gold & Platinum Program history to earn a Digital Diamond Award. In addition to her Diamond song honor, Lady Gaga’s digital single certifications now surpass the 28.5 million threshold, counting downloads and streams and spanning seven songs. Gaga’s RIAA album awards represent more than six million albums sold in the United States.”

Congrats Lady Gaga! You deserve it!

“Real Housewives Of New York” Star Countess LuAnn Launches Clothing Line! (Pictures)


“Real Housewives Of New York” star Countess LuAnn de Lesseps is preparing to launch her very own clothing line, “The Countess Collection”, and we have some preview shots of the collection.  According to HollywoodLife.com, LuAnn said this about the collection:

“I love fashion and I am a busy lady, so I set out to take the stress out of dressing for women everywhere. I basically set out to put together a line that you can mix and match that is easy to travel with, that is transitional, and that you could wear almost any time of year — it’s chic made easy! It’s nice to have a classic look. I think it’s really important to be dressed appropriate for any occasion, whether you’re going to lunch, to a bridal shower, a wedding or even cocktails! It is important to remember that you only have one chance to make your first impression and I really want to help women to look their best.”

The pieces of clothing in the collection will range from $39 to $69, and it’s all made here in the USA. For more information on the line, click here to go to SHOPHQ webpage!

Looks beautiful LuAnn!  Love the pieces!  Check out the gallery below, and click on each picture to see the full size!

Photos courtesy of Andrew Werner.

Exclusive Interview With Pop Music Duo The Night Runners!


Here is our exclusive interview with pop music duo, The Night Runners:

1. Who are your main inspirations when it comes to your music?

Richard: It’s really hard to just name a select few seeing how many artists and producers have inspired us . But i think it’s fair to say that our main inspirations would be The Rat Pack & Prince. Both have such a wide variety of music which allows them to be multi-talented. We aspire to be as multi-talented as they were and still are to this day.

Laz: The Rat Pack specifically inspired me because of Sammy Davis Jr and what he accomplished. Him joining The Rat Pack in 1959 helped break racial prejudice within the music industry and allow room and opportunity for African-American entertainers. Prince proved through his music that a male artist can evolve with it’s audience. Both represent exactly what music is all about which is to change lives and inspire.

2. Who would be your dream collaboration?

Richard: I know for me it has always been music producer Max Martin! I’ve always been fascinated by his magic & ability to create such timeless songs spanning decades. Having The Night Runners record a song co-written & produced by Max Martin would truly be a dream collaboration for us and fans of pop music.

Laz: I’d love to see us collaborate with Rihanna! A collaboration with her would be really interesting because we pride ourselves in delivering great performances and she does as well. Now that i think about it, our song “Single” would’ve been a perfect song for us to collaborate on.

3. You seem to enjoy dressing up, how would you describe your personal style/styles?

Laz: Fashion plays a very big role in who The Night Runners are. Being from Miami, we live in this melting pot of fashion & music.

Richard: Our style is inspired by designers Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Cardin. Their designs have paved the way for what we choose to wear. Besides, there’s nothing better than putting on a tailored suit when going out and performing.

4. Who are your celebrity crushes?

Laz: That’s easy! Keira Knightley! I’ll watch anything she’s in. She has this beauty about her that makes it hard for me to turn away.

Richard: I recently found myself feeling something for Lana Del Rey. She’s very smart and knows exactly what she wants. I like women that know what they want. It makes it easier for me to attend to their needs.

5. If you could mirror the career of anyone, who would it be?

Richard: We would love to have a similar career to Prince. He is a wonderful artist, entertainer, actor, producer, entrepreneur and humanitarian. He has achieved a lot of accolades that we hope to one day achieve.

Laz: The great thing about Prince’s career is that he has always reinvented himself to stay with the times. For us, Prince is a shining example of what a true artist should always be.

6. How was the experience of shooting your first music video?

Laz: Shooting our first music video for “Single” was a learning experience. Normally a music video is broken down to 2-4 days of shooting. When we shot our video, we only had 10 hours to shoot it because we had scheduled several tv and radio appearances to promote “Single”.

Richard: We did roughly about 5 months of pre-production and 6-Days of dance rehearsals, so when it came time to shoot the video we would be prepared. Overall, we learned a lot about how music videos are produced and we look forward to shooting our next music video for our next release.

7. How is it performing your original music live? Were you nervous to premiere it the first time?

Richard: There’s no greater thrill for an artist than to perform your own music for a live crowd. We are very proud of the songs we’ve created and watching people sing them back to you is truly incredible! It’s a wonderful opportunity to show your audience what the songs mean to you as an artist. We weren’t really nervous, we were more interested to see how the crowd was going to react to the songs. Specifically “Single” due to it’s lyrical content.

Laz: Every artist gets a bit nervous, it reminds you that you are having fun. The second you stop feeling that sense of nervousness or “rush”, then you clearly aren’t having fun anymore.

8. What are your favorite songs on the radio today?

Laz: One of my favorite songs on radio right now is Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”.

Richard: Right now i am really enjoying Nico & Vinz “Am I Wrong”. It’s always wonderful to see international artists get recognition in the US.

9. How would you describe your personal style when it comes to making music?

Richard: Our style is derived from big chorus’s, strong dance beats and emotional lyrical content. When we create music we always want the songs to come from an honest & real place. Audiences can easily tell when a song isn’t genuine.

Laz: We believe that if we can tell a good story and still make people have fun, then we did our job.

10. Your website says you have a special announcement coming soon, can you give us any details?

Laz: Sure! On our official website fans will find a countdown to our special announcement which will expire on Wednesday, May 28th at midnight.

Richard: Without giving too much away, i’ll simply say that we’ve been planning this special announcement for over 6 months and it’s what fans have been waiting for since we first debuted. Trust me when i say that you don’t want to miss it!


I want to give a BIG thank you to The Night Runners for doing this interview with me!  For more information check out their official website by clicking HERE!  And also, check out their official music video for their debut single, “Single” below!