Kendra Wilkinson’s Marriage Collapsing Makes For Good Ratings!

According to, Kendra Wilkinson’s WE show, “Kendra On Top” set a series high with its season three premiere!  The premiere garnered over 1 million viewers.  Most shows see a drop after the premiere of a new season, but Kendra’s second episode grew 14% to over 1.2 million viewers!  These records have most likely been achieved by the show covering Kendra’s increasingly rocky relationship with husband, Hank Baskett.  All of the cheating allegations regarding him have lead to the near collapse of their marriage, but at least Kendra knows her career is on the ups.  Maybe this is the result of karma or some really nose people.

Congrats, I guess.  I really hope they work things out though!

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Donna D’Errico Apologizes For Tweeting Before Confirming Stephen Collins’ Condition!

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Actress Donna D’Errico has appologized via Twitter for jumping the gun by tweeting her neighbor, “7th Heaven” actor Stephen Collins, had committed suicide.  The actress was getting information from a neighbor who was proven to be misinformed by the LAPD.  They announced they responded to a suspected gun shot at the actor home, but no one was home.

Just glad this story has a happy ending and everyone is alright!

LAPD Reported To Stephen Collins Home After Gun Shot Heard But No One Home!


The Los Angeles Police Department are reporting that actor Stephen Collins has not committed suicide.  Apparently they were called to the residence after neighbors heard a gun shot.  They say no one was home, and sources say Stephen has been in communication with this.

So relieved this was a false alarm.  Glad the LAPD confirmed what we reported wasn’t true.  I can see why the neighbors thought it was true though.  There were multiple police cars blocking the street.

Here Are Pictures From Stephen Collins’ Neighbor Showing Police Blocking Off The Street!


UPDATE: LAPD confirm they went to his house after a gun shot was heard, but they say no one is home.  Confirm people have been in communication with Stephen.

Here are pictures and tweets from one of Stephen Collins’ neighbors allegedly confirming the actor has indeed committed suicide following the allegations he allegedly molested several children.

Our hearts go out to his family and friends.  This is truly tragic in so many ways.

“7th Heaven” Star Stephen Collins Commits Suicide After Molestation Allegations!


UPDATE: LAPD confirm they went to his house after a gun shot was heard, but they say no one is home.  Confirm people have been in communication with Stephen.

Such sad news tonight.  We have it from sources close to actor Stephen Collins, that he allegedly committed suicide by shooting himself this evening.  Our source is a neighbor of his who says their street is cornered off my the police while they investigate.  Such sad news!  Earlier this week, TMZ released audio of the “7th Heaven” star confessing to molesting serveral children years ago.

This is all so sad.

Danity Kane Announce Release Date and Album Cover For Their Third Album!


Danity Kane fans rejoice!  Even though the quintet quartet trio duo have announced their official break up, they have decided to release what was to be their comeback album anyways.  Aubrey and Shannon took to Twitter/Instagram to announce the release of the album.  The album titled, “DK3″ will be released on October 28, 2014, and be available for pre-orders on iTunes tonight at midnight!

I’m so glad the girls decided to release the album!  I attended their concert as well as a listening party for the album back at the beginning of the summer and the album is absolutely incredible!  Also, I’m constantly hoping Dawn and Aubrey can work out their issues and do this right!  They had plans to film three music videos and do massive promo before their fight.

Dawn Richard has yet to comment on this announcement.  She is included on the album cover, and her voice appears on all of the songs as far as we know.  She has been radio silent on social media since the incident that broke the group up.

Still excited, but I hope they can move past their differences!

Are you excited for the album?  It will be available for pre-orders on iTunes/Amazon tonight at midnight!