Jill Zarin Fired From “Real Housewives?

New York housewife Jill Zarin will appear in the Chicago tour stop, and The New York Post reports that her appearance might be part of a hard push to get back on the hit Bravo show.

Though the most recent season of New York — the fourth — got the show its highest ratings to date, The Post reports that Bravo is looking to add new faces to the cast and that Zarin is worried about being “phased out.”

Jill has always been my favorite on the Real Housewives of New York!  This better not happen because I can’t imagine the show without her!  Also, the better not even think about firing my precious Countess!!!

One thought on “Jill Zarin Fired From “Real Housewives?

  1. Is this blog a satire? Jill is your favorite and the “Countless” is precious? Good grief! These two women are totally toxic and it’s beyond my comprehension that everyone don’t see this. My fervent prayer is they will not be returning next season.

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