Jailed “Teen Mom” Star Amber Portwood Not Evicted From Home!

Gather Celebrity reports:  “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood is currently in jail for violating her probation. Before her arrest, she was in the process of removing her belongings from her Anderson, Indiana home. At the beginning of the month, there was speculation that the troubled teen mom would be evicted from her home.

It seems that the matter has been somewhat resolved. A court hearing was held for the matter today, and according to the Herald Bulletin Online, Portwood was not evicted. The ruling was made due to the fact that she had already taken her things from the home. Her former landlord was given control of the home.

Despite today’s ruling, Portwood is not completely in the clear when it comes to the case. Reportedly, she still owes money, but what will happen in that case will be determined on March 14.

I always felt sorry for Amber on, “Teen Mom,” and in some ways I still do.  Here’s hoping she gets it together for baby Leah’s sake!

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