Pacific Island With Population Of 1,600 People Wants Lady Gaga Concert!

Fox News Reports:

“The tiny Pacific island of Niue, which its inhabitants call “The Rock,” is trying to lure pop diva Lady Gaga to perform there.

If she does, the whole population is promising to attend. However, that would still make it one of the smallest audiences the pop icon performed for recently, as only about 1,600 people live on the small island atoll.

But at least Lady Gaga could say she has performed in front of an entire country!

Niue is struggling to keep even its current inhabitants on the island. There has been a mass exodus over the past few decades as people went in search of jobs abroad.

More Niueans live in New Zealand, in fact, than on the island.

The pop superstar will be on tour in New Zealand in a couple of months, which is why the island’s leaders thought up the idea of bringing Lady Gaga there.

The island’s Tourism Manager Hayden Porter sent her agent and concert organizers a letter inviting her to perform on the island after touring New Zealand.”

I really think she should do this!  It would be so cool for her to perform to the entire country!  Every monster deserves the chance to see Lady Gaga live!

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