“Teen Mom” Star Amber Portwood’s Daughter Will Visit Her In Jail!

Troubled and jailed “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood will finally be able to see her young daughter.  Portwood is currently serving a five year jail sentence after choosing jail instead of court ordered rehab.  She has not seen her daughter since she started serving her jail sentence.  Portwood’s ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley currently has custody of their daughter Leah.  Gary has not told Leah that her mom is in jail.  He instead tells her that “mommy is working” or “mommy got in trouble.”

Gary has since had a change of heart and is going to let Leah see Amber in jail.  He posted the following message on Facebook:

“I had to find out for my daughter amber and myself if it was best for Leah to go where her mommy is and visit. I learned that it is the best thing for Leah and Amber. All the paperwork is finally in order so yes soon we will be visiting her,”

I really hope this is the right thing for Leah.  It must be very hard for her to understand why mommy is in a place like that.

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