Taylor Swift To Sell 1 Million Copies Of Her New Album In A Week!

Taylor Swift is defying everyone’s expectations with the release of her new album, “Red.”  The album is on track to be Swift’s second album to sell over 1 million copies in a week!  If the album does accomplish this, Swift will be the first female artist to have two album sell over 1 million copies in a week.

Sources say, “Red” sold an estimated 500,000 copies on its first day out.  This includes a record amount sold at Target.  The mega-retailer sold around 160,000 copies of the album in a single day.  This is a record for them!

I wonder if there is any hope of Swift breaking the record for most album’s sold in a week by a female artist ever?  This seems like an impossibility at this moment because the record has stood for 12 years.  Britney Spears sold around 1.4 million copies in one week with her blockbuster album, “Opps I Did It Again.”

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