Lady Gaga Worried About “Born This Way Ball Tour!”

Lady Gaga is having some serious worries when it comes to her upcoming SUPER world tour, “Born This Way Ball.”  She apparently called in astrologers because she is concerned the stars will be aligned wrongly.  This would end up giving her bad luck when it comes to the tour.

Don’t worry Gaga!  You have millions of fans all over the world who will be happy however the tour ends up!

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Ball Tour” Selling Out!

Little monsters everywhere have been eagerly awaiting Lady Gaga’s upcoming, “Born This Way Ball Tour,” since her latest album, “Born This Way,” was released last year.  Well the is growing close and tickets are selling out!  All of the tickets to the UK-leg of the tour sold out in 10 minutes!  Very impressive!  Lady Gaga is considering adding additional UK dates to the tour so all of her fans have the opportunity to see the show!  The tour kicks off in South Korea in 14 days!