Lindsay Lohan Wants To Stay In Rehab Longer!


In a new twist Lindsay Lohan has decided she wants to stay in rehab an addition 3 or 4 days in an attempt to transition back into society.  TMZ reports she made this decision herself and would love to stay in an after treatment facility as well.  People in Lindsay’s camp are pleasantly surprised she is taking rehab so seriously this time.

Great to hear!  Proud of your Lindsay!

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Lindsay Lohan Planning A Trip To Europe Post Rehab!


Lindsay Lohan will be getting out of rehab soon, and she is already planning how she is going to celebrate her release.  TMZ reported first the newly sober Lohan is going to vacation in Europe before she is scheduled to film her new reality show/interview with Oprah Winfrey.  One of Lindsay’s friends is planning the trip as a celebration for her completing rehab.

Lindsay has booked a one way ticket.  Reportedly, she is trying to escape the media and have some privacy.

I think this is a great idea as long as she still checks in with her sober coach.

Amanda Bynes’ Emergency Release Hearing Postponed!


Amanda Bynes has agreed to stay in treatment and postpone an emergency hearing she requested after filing papers to be released from the now two week 5150 psychiatric hold she is currently under.  Allegedly, she has agreed to stay in treatment at the hospital in order to give her newly prescribed medications time to work.  

This is a drastic change from Amanda begging to be released.  Maybe with the fear of a conservatorship on the horizon, Amanda has decided to take the doctor’s and judge’s orders seriously!  Here’s hoping the treatments will begin to take effect.

Amanda Bynes’ Parents Denied Conservatorship!


Amanda Bynes parents were denied a conservatorship over their daughter in a California court room early Friday morning.  The parents asked for an emergency hearing to allow them a temporary conservatorship over Amanda’s personal and business affairs in order to protect her.  If you don’t know what a conservatorship is, Britney Spears is currently under one with her father stemming from her 2007 breakdown.  It is established if the person is unable to care for his or her self.  California law makes it very tough to obtain a conservatorship.  The situation must be very serious.  The judge said there is no need to rush to put a conservatorship in place because Amanda will be under the 5150 hold for two more weeks.  He wishes to meet with Amanda himself before he makes a final decision, but for right now their petition has been denied.

Amanda’s parents are using her fire starting incident as the backbone to their case.  They also allege that Amanda is spending money so quickly and senselessly that she will soon be broke.  The believe Amanda has gone through at least 1.2 million dollars in the past few months.  They have no idea where that money went, but believe it was used to purchase illegal drugs.  This seems to all be speculation on their part as this has not been confirmed.

A conservatorship is a pretty drastic option, but something must be done to protect Amanda.  I just hope her parents are doing this with the right intentions.

Amanda Bynes Files Papers To Remove 5150 Hold!


Amanda Bynes’a attorney filed papers in court this morning to try to remove the 5150 psychiatric hold she is currently under.  A judge granted the 5150 hold to last for two more weeks in order for more testing to discover all of Amanda’s mental and emotional issues.  Amanda is reportedly furious about this and wants to be released. There will be a hearing today in the hospital at 2PM California time.  The judge will be present in the hospital with Amanda.

This could develop in so many ways.  We will report on the rulings from the hearing at 2.

It’s hard to understand what is really going on with Amanda.  She needs to be properly diagnosed, but I doubt she will listen to them. 

Amanda Bynes Psychiatric Hold May Extend To 2 Week For Proper Examination!


TMZ first reported that Amanda Bynes’ current 5150 psychiatric hold may be extended to two weeks in order to properly diagnose the actress with a mental condition.  Reportedly, there is enough evidence to suggest Amanda has significant problems, and doctors want to be sure they diagnose her correctly. 

Allegedly, Amanda’s parents are looking to get a conservatorship over their daughter to ensure her well-being.  The recent behavior she has exhibited could lead a judge to agree if her parents file the proper paperwork.

Yesterday, Amanda set a gas fire in the driveway of an elderly woman’s home she’s never met in Thousand Oaks, California.  This lead to the police being called and a 5150 hold being put into place.

Story developing.

Chris Brown’s Probation To Be Revoked, Community Service May Have Been Faked!


The L.A. County District Attorney has moved to revoke Chris Brown’s probation in his domestic abuse case.  Probation will be revoked because the D.A. claims Chris submitted fake community service reports.  On several occasions he swore he was picking up trash when he was allegedly out of the country.  Interestingly, some of the community service reports were reportedly signed by Chris Brown’s mother.  Could this turn into fraud charges for her?

Even if this does not stand up, the D.A. reports there are multiple other instances where probation may have been violated.

It isn’t looking good for Chris here.  Here’s hoping this can be worked out!  I sure hope he actually did the community service and this is just a misunderstanding.

Lindsay Lohan Pleads Not Guilty To “Lying To The Police!”

ImageLindsay Lohan has pleaded not guilty to lying to police following a car accident back in the summer.  Lindsay and a friend were involved in a wreck way back in June.  Lindsay reportedly told the police that she was not driving.  It all came out that Lindsay was in face driving.  Charges were then filed against Lohan for lying to police.  Lohan’s miracle maker of an attorney Shawn Chapman Holley pleaded not guilty for Lindsay.

It was reported yesterday Lindsay had fired Shawn then wanted her back.  I’m guessing she’s back for good since she attended the hearing this morning.  Lindsay is due to appear in court herself on January 30th.  We’ve heard the plea deal includes 6 months in rehab.

Take the plea Lindsay!

Kim Zolciak’s Mom Goes To Court To See Grandkids!

If you watched Kim Zolciak’s show, “Tardy For The Wedding,” you know she doesn’t have a great relationships with her mother.  Kim even kicked her out of her own wedding because she refused to use a porta-potty.  Now, Kim’s mom, Karen Zolciak, filed papers to try to force Kim to allow the girls to spend time with her.  Karen says she used to spend a lot of time with her grandkids, and it will be emotionally harmful to the kids to not have her in their lives.  She says she hasn’t even met Kim’s new baby Kash, born in August.

This is very strange.  I love Kim and think she knows whats best for her kids.  Her mom seems very opportunistic.

Bubba The Love Sponge: “Hulk Probably Released His Sex Tape!”

Bubba The Love Sponge took to his radio show this morning to defend himself against the allegations brought against him by his former best friend, Hulk Hogan. Hogan is currently readying to file a suit against Bubba for invasion of privacy because he believes Bubba released the tape.  Bubba said during the broadcast that he has never seen the tape.  He goes on to describe Hulk has a self-centered man who has convinced himself that his: son Nick was innocent in his 2007 car crash, daughter Brooke actually has talent, and ex-wife Linda is a “whore.”  Bubba defends Linda throughout the radio program.  This is a big change since he and Hulk used to bash her during their infamous divorce.

Bubba pleads his innocence while announcing he believes Hulk probably had something to do with the release of the tape.

Who to believe, who to believe?

Some of this really makes a lot of sense.  Linda does not seem like the whore Hulk and the media like to portray her to be.  She spends her days doing charity work for animal charities while Hulk is the one making sex tapes while he is married!  I’m so glad someone is sticking up for Linda, but I also believe Brooke does have talent!

What do you guys think about this whole debacle?