“Teen Mom” Star Jenelle Evans Breaks Up With Fiance!



Another “Teen Mom” relationship is toast according to RadarOnline.  “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans and fiancé Nathan Griffith have called it quits after around two years together.  The couple were recently engaged, but allegedly couldn’t make it work.  A source told RadarOnline:

“Jenelle wants to see her family together, but at the same time, he doesn’t want her, so she can’t control him.”

She has reportedly started seeing other people.  The two have a son, Kaiser, together; he was born last June.  Jenelle also has a son, Jace, from a previous relationship.

Are you surprised these two didn’t last?  They seemed to have a pretty volatile relationship on the show!  Leave us a comment and let us know!

“Teen Mom” Star Jenelle Evans Starts Twitter War With Boyfriend’s Pregnant Ex!

Pregnant “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans started a Twitter war with her boyfriend Nathan Griffith’s also pregnant ex girlfriend, Brianna Dorris.  There is always drama going on with Jenelle and this is no exception!  Check out her tweets below:

Please try to keep the drama down for your unborn child’s sake.  Hope everything ends in a positive way!

New Season Of “Teen Mom 2″ Will Feature Jenelle Evans Having An Abortion!


Photo credit: MTV.com

“Teen Mom 2″ will return next week, January 21st, with some shocking footage including star Jenelle Evans having an abortion on camera!  We have seen some pretty crazy stuff on the show, but this will be the most controversial topic ever shown.  This is sure to upset a lot of people especially since Evans is now pregnant with her second baby.  Evans spoke to “The Stir” and had this to say:

On how MTV came to film the abortion:

MTV was like, “Do you want to film it?” And I said, “Yeah.” They said, “Are you sure,” and I said, “Yes.” 

They’re like, “OK, you know a lot of backlash is going to come from this.” I’m like, “Yeah, I know. It’s OK.”

On choosing abortion:

At the time, when I filmed it and everything, I didn’t know I was going to meet Nathan or have a baby or anything like that. You don’t know what the future’s going to hold.

At the time I needed to do what I needed to do. I wasn’t in the best situation. I was living back at my mom’s, just got arrested for a felony charge, and I mean, I was in such a depressed state. It was just … my body was so out of whack. I was sick, so I went to the doctor for bronchitis, and that’s when they told me I was pregnant.

I just couldn’t be with Courtland Rogers because he was abusive. He’s not a good father figure. He has a child already and he’s not involved in their life.

On her regrets:

I don’t regret the abortion. I think I’m prepared for the backlash. I just don’t want people judging me off the abortion for this new pregnancy. I want them to understand why I did it and where I was at and where I am now and how much better I am now and that it’s OK to have a baby now.

On what will happen when her child(ren) find out about the abortion:

I don’t think Jace is going to understand right now. I’m going to explain it to him when he sees it or hears about it, but I’m not going to just go tell him.

Jace knows the way I was treated by Courtland. He didn’t like Courtland. He said he didn’t want Courtland around. It was surprising to me because I didn’t think Jace would ever say that about anyone I dated. It threw up a red flag, and yeah, I just needed to get out of that relationship. It was horrible.

How do you feel about this?

*Portions from the interview are from http://thestir.cafemom.com

“Teen Mom 2″ Cast Confirms Filming For Season 5!


Several cast members of the MTV hit reality series, “Teen Mom 2,” are starting to confirm that MTV has renewed the series for a 5th season.  Many people were skeptical about another season because of Jenelle Evans’ ongoing troubles with the drugs and numerous arrests, but sources confirmed to HollywoodLife.com that Jenelle  has been filming recently.  Sources also confirms that costar Chelsea Houska has also been filming recently.

To confirm plans for a new season.  Leah Messer’s husband, Jeremy Calvert, tweeted this message:

“@AshleyHomeStore very upset with the customer service and sales reps at your location in South Charleston, WV. Very poorly organized. we thought we chose a better furniture store. @MTV will be in to film and @TM2LeahDawn and myself don’t have a bed! #sad.”

Excited about the new season!  Most likely will be crazier than ever!

“Teen Mom” Star Jenelle Evans Is A Cutter!

This is so sad.  “Teen Mom 2″ star Jenelle Evans’ friend Tori Rhyne has told one of her biggest secrets!  Tori has revealed that Jenelle is a cutter.  She had this to say about Jenelle’s self mutilating ways:

“Sometimes you [could] see the blood and stuff. I would actually slap her cuts that she had on her wrist. I know when I did that it was gonna hurt her a little bit.”

Tori says that Jenelle started cutting as a way to cope with her parent’s divorce.

This is so sad Jenelle.  Please get some help for this issue.  You could inspire a lot of people!

“Teen Mom” Star Jenelle Evans Hospitalized With Kidney Infection!

Jenelle Evans‘ new year hasn’t been the happiest so far.

E! Online reports: A kidney infection landed the Teen Mom 2 star in the hospital last night, another in what has been a series of unfortunate developments for the single mom—some legal, some health-related.

Her manager confirmed to E! News that a doctor prescribed antibiotics to treat the ailment and sent Evans home. She’s feeling much better today, the rep added.

“Hospitals suck,” Evans tweeted late Tuesday.

Evans was in and out of the doctor’s office earlier this month while she battled strep throat, and in October she injured her wrist in a car accident. She was also diagnosed with an ovarian cyst last July.

Additionally, the volatile MTV star has been in and out of custody, most recently getting arrested on Jan. 10 for allegedly threatening an old roommate and again six days later for allegedly violating an order of protection against her.

Evans is due in court on Feb. 6.

Following last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, which featured Evans having a bit of a meltdown, she received a tweet accusing her of being “seriously psychotic.” Evans wrote, “Sooooo I’m guessing u r all watching the fight :/ damn,” and, to the one who called her psychotic, she tweeted, “bi polar disorder sweetheart.”

“Im already emotional right now, and crying for @PBandJenelley_1 right now. :( How hard,” wrote 16 and Pregnant‘s Ashley Salazar.

“@ashleyslzr awhhh, it’s alright. I made it through. :) I’m on my medication now and my life has change tremendously,” Evans wrote back.

I hope you feel better Jenelle!  I also hope you can get your life together soon!