Real Housewives Of New York City – “Mind Your Own Business” (Reaction and Recap)



Tonight’s new episode of, “Real Housewives Of New York City,” mirrors most of the season so far.  This season has been much improved over the past two season, and Bethenny certainly helps to bring some spark back into the show.  There are a few reaction I had and somethings I want to talk about regarding tonight’s episode:

1. Ramona and Sonja:  These two have always been crazy, but now the former BFF’s seem to have a lot more issues than normal.  Ramona and Sonja both have traumatic things happening in their private lives, and it is quite clear they haven’t been as close.  It was a good step to see that Sonja wants to take Ramona, and the other girls, on a fun birthday trip to Atlantic City; this is very thoughtful considering it will be her first birthday without Mario.  The two seemed perfectly fine here, but when we get to Dorinda’s party, they each seem to the think the other is ignoring them.  Clearly, Sonja didn’t speak to Ramona which was bizarre, but this is Sonja we are talking about.  As much as I love her and think she is hilarious, sometimes I don’t get what is going on in her head!  Luckily the two made up resulting in Ramona tearing up before she left.

2. Kristen Finally Has A Scene:  Since the beginning of the season, we haven’t really heard from or seen much of Kristen.  She must not have the strongest personal story-line because all they’ve shown us is her working on her blog and calling Heather on the phone.  I’m actually surprised she wasn’t downgraded to friend-of-housewife considering she no longer wants to display her marital issues onscreen.  With 8 housewives this season, it may have freed up some space for additional story-lines.

3.  Bethenny Visits Sonja Inc:  In tonight’s episode, Sonja invited Bethenny to her private fashion showroom.  Bethenny was surprised, confused, and a bit concerned for Sonja.  I’m so confused by Sonja; what business is she actually doing?  I know she says she has a clothing line, but as far as I know it isn’t available to purchase anywhere.  When Sonja was on “What Watch Happens Live” last week she responded to a fan question by saying people could purchase her designs on her official website.  There were then questions later on in the show from fans saying the website said clothing item were coming soon or sold out.  I realize Sonja showed her clothing line in New York Fashion Week, but does she have any deals?  Without a deal she isn’t going to see any clothes and make money; the girl needs to be making money.  Bethenny tried really hard to get the answers out of her multiple employee, but she left even more confused about Sonja’s “lifestyle brand” when she arrived.

Loving the housewives this season especially the Countess!

What did you think about tonight’s episode?

Kim Kardashian Wears See Through Mesh Top In New York!

Kim Kardashian Wears See Through Mesh Top In New York!

Kim Kardashian attended a Mario Testino exhibit in New York last night wear a see through mesh top and a skin tight white skirt. First, Kim looks freaking amazing for just having a baby a few months ago! Second, the skirt hugs her in all the right places. Third, I don’t mind the see through top because at least she is covering up what needs to be covered up.

Kim is looking great, and the hair and red lipstick are perfection!

What do you guys think of Kim’s high fashion look?

Ellen Barkin Attacked By New York City Police Officer!

Actress Ellen Barkin took to Twitter to describe being forcefully attacked by a New York City Police Offer.  Barkin was walking onto the street when a police offer forcefully pushed her with both hands onto the sidewalk.  She also talks about how she saw Occupy Wall Street participants being arrested for no reason.

Here is what the Ellen posted on her Twitter account:

“Just threatened on my street by NYPD,cop shoved me,both hands,onto sidewalk..Is it a crime 2 stand in the street in NY?WTF is going on here?”

Barkin’s rumored boyfriend, director Sam Levinson, apparently captured the incident on video.

I really hope this is some kind of misunderstanding because this just doesn’t make sense!

Jill Zarin Fired From “Real Housewives?

New York housewife Jill Zarin will appear in the Chicago tour stop, and The New York Post reports that her appearance might be part of a hard push to get back on the hit Bravo show.

Though the most recent season of New York — the fourth — got the show its highest ratings to date, The Post reports that Bravo is looking to add new faces to the cast and that Zarin is worried about being “phased out.”

Jill has always been my favorite on the Real Housewives of New York!  This better not happen because I can’t imagine the show without her!  Also, the better not even think about firing my precious Countess!!!