Hilary Duff Shows Some Skin In “All About You” Lyrics Video!

Hilary Duff released the lyrics video for her latest single, “All About You,” and the video is more all about her showing some skin.  Before you take this the wrong way you should probably watch the video; Hilary is a good girl after all!  The video is cute and fun, and I liked that they showed off some of Hilary’s adorable tattoos.  Can’t wait to see the actual music video.  Oh, RCA Records… please push this on radio!  It’s way too catchy of a song not to be a smash!

What do you think of Hilary Duff’s new lyrics video?

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The Vamps and Fifth Harmony Join Forces To Perform Their New Single! (Video)

British band, The Vamps, joined forces with Fifth Harmony at their concert over the weekend to perform their new single, “Somebody To You.”  The official version of the song features Demi Lovato, but it sounds awesome with the great girls of Fifth Harmony on it!  I haven’t really listened to The Vamps all that much, but I love Fifth Harmony.

What do you guys think of their collaboration?

Bea Miller Roars In New Bratty Anthem “Rich Kids!”

This girl is a star, and I knew she was back when she was on FOX’s X Factor.  Singer Bea Miller has released an awesome bratty anthem for anyone who has ever had to deal with rich kids whether they are actual children or not.  She has a great voice with an exceptional tone that is very radio friendly, and I am reminded a bit of old school Avril Lavigne when I hear her.

“Rich Kids” is a punk pop song in the same vein as songs by early 2000 bands such as Simple Plans and Good Charlotte with witty lyrics and a catchy hook.  Love seeing “rock/punk” being put back into pop music.  I miss those old days when pop/punk ruled the airwaves.

What do you think of Bea’s new song?

Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth Return To TV In ABC Family’s “Mystery Girls!”

Well, I must say I am super excited for this!  Beverly Hills 90210 stars and real life friends Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth will return to TV in the new ABC Family comedy, “Mystery Girls.’  The show is based on two former actresses who stared in a murder mystery show that decide to try to solve mysteries in real life.

Check out the preview above and watch the premiere June 25th at 8:30 on ABC Family.

Can we please get Shannen Doherty to do a guest spot!!  I would probably cry.

Are you guys excited for the show?